Highlighting Undergraduate Research in a Variety of Disciplines

This program overviews undergraduate research at Meredith College (Kappa Delta Omicron Chapter of Kappa Omicron Nu). Note the comment that indicates that some graduate programs expect undergraduate students to have a research background before they apply for graduate school.

This video segment highlights some benefits associated with participating in undergraduate research with the backdrop of students presenting their research at a fair at UNC Asheville.

This video includes students’ accounts related to a variety of undergraduate research experiences at Presbyterian College.

This presentation highlights the benefits of undergraduate research through the experiences of students and faculty involved in this research from a variety of disciplines.

Ohio State University undergraduate, Ariana Hoet, discusses her research with persons with borderline personality disorder treatment as she discusses myths that some associate with participating with undergraduate research.

Dr. Fares describes his experiences working with undergraduate students at the University of Arizona in this video segment. Some topics touched on in this presentation include benefits of undergraduate research, mentoring, and factors that contribute to success in the mentoring experience.