Highlighting Mentored Undergraduate Research in the Human Sciences

This video includes testimonials related to the value of undergraduate research. The first segment of this presentation highlights the experiences of an exercise science major..

This program highlights the undergraduate research-based mentoring experiences of Dr. Sherry Haar and her student, Kelsie Doty, at Kansas State University. Dr. Haar and Kelsie’s relationship began in classes in the Department of Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design at Kansas State; their formal mentoring research journey was initiated when Kelsie became a McNair Scholar. Kelsie’s exploration into the use of dyes extracted from tree bark is conducted with support from Kappa Omicron Nu, the McNair Scholars Program, and the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. This program was produced by Kansas State University for Kappa Omicron Nu’s Mentoring Project.